Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hunt for spring!

With rain all weekend but a warm week ahead.... Well heck, it could be snowing and I think I'd still be aching for some spring in my closet. Spring, summer, fall, winter: florals follow me year round, but this is their prime time to shine! I happily prance in my spring get ups because well, us flower power gals feel most at home.
And with florals come with all those other typical but can't seem to steer from pastel colors and pretty fabrics.
So, with spirited change abrewin', I head to where I always head: my thrift shop babes.
Typically savers does me good, but goodwill actually hosted these cool finds.

Some shoes, funky purses, prints, and a cat necklace I was dying over.
I just may never let the kid inside me grow :D

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Too much or not enough Anthropologie?

Part of my detests how incredibly over priced my beloved Anthropologie is.
You can easily spend $50-80 on a basic (but really cool!) shirt.
Average price tag for a dress is $150.
I know this because one, regardless of said prices, I am obsessed with the place.
And secondly, I used to work there.
AND even with my sweet sweet employee discount of 40% off,
I neverrr could afford anything full price because even at HALF price, it was still out of my price range.

Still, I'd like to think that their elegance and their ability to bring in some of the most unique and beautiful pieces from all over the world makes it worth it. So when my budget can finally afford a three hundred dollar shopping blow, I know where I'll be splurging.
Because really, whats wrong with treating yourself to some pretties?
And this store, at all times of year (particularly Christmas: ga ga glittery) is gorgeous.

Just a couple of said pretties in my last affair with my Anthro


 Photo hardly captures its sparkle.
Helllo good lookin'  ;) 
This color has totally grown on me.
Seriously and literally, like a fungus. But in a cool trendy sort of way.
More jeweled belts, eye candy 'round yo waist. (At $50 bucks a pop though)
Though, if it were up to me, I'd probably have eye candy on my head,
around my neck
on my wrists
'round my waist
on my shoes
probably on my face
What I like to go for is a blinding sparkle effect,
a very subtle way to tell the world,
I'm a little cray cray
BUT ANYWAY moving on.
The last few trips of thrifting were actually goal oriented.
This girl got herself an office job and now has to update the ol wardrobe.
(OH NOOO not that ;)
However, not much luck! Lots of hopefuls but just failed in the trying on prooocess.
A look at said hopefuls
Groovy prints and textures. Way bummed nothing fit right.

And this coat was awesome, but I couldn't talk myself into buying a coat while living in AZ.
It was only $25 though, pretty good for a coat I know I won't see anyone else in.


But alas, that is life. Ya thrift until you thrift some more.


Friday, October 5, 2012

FABULOUS friday, anyone?

Welll heyyy gang.
I have lots and lots of goodies to report back with,
people have been giving away cool shit!
Unfortunately I have not been able to buyy everything, but dang

ch ch check it out, y'all

So above, are goods from the great Savers.
Now, here are finds from a local consignment shop called Turn Style.
This place is really awesome and totally speaks to my soul. Lots of cool granny finds.

This sweater was AWESOME. Didn't get the prices of anything, but between the two LARGE handfuls that I tried on, everything was under twenty bucks.

Seriously doesn't do this velour sheer CROP top justice. T'was beaaautiful
This dress was so cool. AND it was a front to back. It drives me nuts when a dress like this is all cool upfront and you turn it around its sooo boring.

Simple but with shweet fringe hem.

UHHHH HELLO!? This EIGHT DOLLAR velvet top was amazing. I was so sad to leave it.

Perfect spunky little LBD for this holiday season. Was IN LOVE with the feather trim on the bottom.

All in the details. Which is why I love "old lady clothes". They're filled with them!

Originally sold at Anthropologie for a cray cray amount. (I know this, I used to work there)

Can I get a hell yeaah? Love me some under twenty dollar finds.

And besides torturing myself thrifting without a dollar to spare, I've been working on a few alteration pieces.
Hoping to also get my comp running right so I can, you know, blog more?
So lots of things to come! Stay tuned!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Merry Monday?

I am feeling a little bitter sweet towards this past three day weekend;
while it was glorious in all its laziness and work-free atmosphere,
I shall be served in return a ten day stretch of work before another full day's break.

So there goes that random rant/complaint! Let'ss move on.

Two things to report!

First, I shall pat myself on the back for finally completing a project on my never ending to do list.
I frequently collect glass jars and bottles, in hopes of making many assorted terrariums and decorations.
So here goes in steps!

At this point, I've already hot glued moss to the bottom of the jar. For a personally touch,
I added a layer of glitter for the very first layer to hide the glue and just be more awesome.

I chose to leave the piece of moss square because I thought it looked cool,
but I do think I'll play around with a round fitted piece next time.

Here I've added flowers and wedged in a perfectly fitting stick, found in the park down the street.

And voila! Here's the finish piece, with the bird, banner and bejeweled top.
The banner was made from a piece of textured brown ribbon.
I then cut out triangle pieces from printed scrapbook paper and spelled out "i love you".
Lots of hot glue and burned finger tips later, the top was finished with a bit more sparkle.
I chose the color blue to give the slight of illusion of sky.
And because the color blue is brilliant.

(close up, still a little hard to read but you can see more of the detail)

So there you have it! My first terrarium and homemade birthday gift for my mummy dearest.

And for the secconnd note, I present to you my first BIRCHBOX.

Thanks to BIRCHBOX, I can relive that Christmas feeling every month.
Beauty samples galore!
August's box was all about the five senses, including:
Fresh, a soy face cleanser
Laura Geller doubled dipped lipstick tube
Manna Kadar sheer glo shimmer lotion
Oscar de la Renta, live in love perfume

AND a bonus "Birchbox exclusive" ear buds in a sweet blue and pink colour.

So, I've already tried the soy face cleanser and am in love.
Will most likely be purchasing this product full size.

The shimmer lotion had me at hello, and has such an incredibly silky texture.
More than likely, anothhher purchase I'll be making full size.

Unfortunately, the lipstick wasn't my shade. So bummed!
and the scent of Oscar de la Renta was pretty. I'm just super picky with my scents.

BUT I hardly can wait for my next batch of samples.
This business idea was sheer genius. GENIUS I SAY!

And I share with you these beauty products, because it so closely ties in with the fashion world!
With the right partnership of beauty products and wardrobe,
the world is yours.

Until next, my dears

"You can never be overdressed or over educated."
-- Oscar Wilde

Thursday, August 2, 2012


SHOES! ACCESSORIES! Thrifty thrifty goodness!

These boots were a gem, the sheer detail in the crochet bits and the soft texture of the leather
were nearly breath taking.
What DID take my breath away (in a slight sad muffled cry)
And a little out of my cheap budget, but still a moderately good deal at $35.

Taking me back to the nineties in the best of ways.
Ann Marino butterfly and rose sandals, for $9.
But luck lacked again, another miss in size.

Stuart Weitzman, yellow flats. MINT CONDITION! Look at the bottom of the shoe.
And I personally can't get enough of the dalmation print for the soles.
And strike THREE with a miss in size.
One day... one day I'll strike gold again!
Just gotta keep swimmin'.

This beaded purse HAD to be vintage. The lining looked EXACTLY the same as the outside.
They just don't make them like they used to.

About the size of your hand, adorable little clutch.
Loved the detail in the bottom.

Until next time my dears,
and keep on thrifting!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Another good run this week at Savers!
A lot of assorted finds, many I was sad to leave without.

We'll start out with a homeey feel:

I'd want to steal the cookies AND the jar, ya know mean?
This ceramic piece was six bucks.

I have this slight obsession is teacup sets, and these beauties were lovely to come across.
Ten bucks a set, a little more than I would have paid. Ten for all three? Now you're talking.

How stinkin' cute, right? I really wanted it for my little one.
And it was only like, four dollars. I should've just gotten it.

This purddy little frame I ended up buying, for one whole dollar.

A really cute kettle in pretty decent shape.
If only there was a neeeed for it.

I wish you could get a grasp on how gorgeous the detail of these painted butterflies were.
Absolutely stunning.
I don't recall the exact prices, but I remember the sum total being 'round $15.

Here are a bunch of skirts I tried on but all looked terrible.
Better luck next time!

A cute Kimchi Blue floral piece for $8.

I have a modest collection of big vintage earrings, so I was thrilled when I found these.
Alas, they are clip ons though, so I had to walk away.
But five dollars??

And that wraps up this week's thrifty nifty finds!